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With the development of technology, the way we work and communicate is experiencing rapid changes. The fluent collaboration and efficient communication has made the increased productivity a vital competitive advantage to a company.

Pixelfly's class-leading technology can help companies make full use of every meeting space and engage in more free, extensive and in-depth communication and collaboration with people around the world.

Efficient Operation and Maintenance
Efficient implementation

Plug and Play

Pixelfly conveys an instant and trouble-free connecting experience. It can work with most on-the-shelf device sources like laptop, phone, iPad etc. in any corner and any size meeting room. What you need is simply to plug your device and then present your ideas.

Wireless Access

You can realize content sharing from mobile devices, 4K UHD presentation, and real-time editing by our class leading MediaFly wireless system, and that’s where the future lies.


You can manage and share multiple sources in a single display with a simple tap, easily achieved by Pixelfly’s Multi-view processing technology. No matter video conference, data analysis, or solution comparison, it is pretty easy-to-use.

Easy Management

By PixelCloud, you can deploy and manage multiple huddle rooms, meeting rooms and other workspaces quickly, safely, efficiently and intuitively.

Seamless Switching

Pixelfly attaches native seamless switching ability on TRIO products so that you can fulfill switching in a millisecond among different presentation devices, without any black or delay

Flexible Scalability

With class leading products and flexible solution design ability, Pixelfly can offer completed AV solutions to any size meeting room, even can enable a secondary expansion after delivery.

Universal Compatibility

The extremely flexible solution design enables multiple source connections simultaneously with different interfaces. In addition, allows them displayed on different screens, which requires a complex system to realize originally, now Pixelfly TRIO offer you with a compact, unprecedented experience.

Global Collaboration

Pixelfly provides convenient UC communication ability for various scale workspaces. You can start the video conference by a simple tap to collaborate with attendees in global areas to create value.

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